Welcome to All Saints Church

Situated in the village of Pentewan on the coast about three miles South of St Austell.

St Austell Parish

In theory every bit of ground in England has its place in one of the 'patches' looked after by a church-of-England church. These areas of space usually have between five and fifteen thousand people living in them and are known as parishes. It means in theory that everyone in England has a parish to which they can relate. People have a legal right to be married (and buried!) in the parish where they reside. Most parishes have a parish church and the parish church of St Austell is Holy Trinity Church in the town centre. The congregation of Holy Trinity is quite big for a parish church and Sunday by Sunday 200 or more people will gather to worship.
The Parish of St Austell itself is also quite big though and stretches beyond the boundaries of the town. It goes as far down the coast for example as to include Pentewan village and beach. People are quite used to travelling into a town for many reasons nowadays: shopping, entertainment etc and also to go to the church they want to. Because of the geographical size of St Austell Parish, we do have two smaller churches in the parish where people can worship. St Levan's, Porthpean and All Saints, Pentewan.

All Saints Church - Service Times

At the moment services are held at key festivals in the year. Notice of when these services are is posted in the village and on the village website as well as on this page. At any of our services, and in any of the church buildings in St Austell Parish, you would be most welcome.

All Saints